Save Time

Traditional inspections take more time and workers to plan and complete one inspection than drones. With drones, it requires only a short time to carry out an inspection once the flight request has been submitted. Drones do not require the headache of climbing and access equipment. Once our pilot arrives on site, the inspection starts immediately. Inspecting with drones save an average of 5 hours versus traditional methods.

Save Money

Due to the risks associated with traditional roof inspections, workers are required to be insured against accidents and damages. Typically more than one worker is required, thus driving the insurance costs up and revenue down. Drones eliminate the high cost associated with insuring workers. There is also no need for scaffolding, lifts, ladders and other climbing equipment and gear. Inspect more and cut the cost of labor and equipment with drones.

Save Lives

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that there are more than 164,000 emergency room-treated injuries in the U.S. relating to ladders every year.  Drones eliminate most of the risks associated with traditional roof inspections. The risks arise due to many things such as: complex designs, steep angles, deteriorating roofs and much more. Drone Dispatch collects the data while keeping your workers feet planted safely on the ground.

Get Data

Drones are capable of producing valuable data for insurance companies. By utilizing high quality drone imagery and photogrammetry software, you can decipher vast amounts of actionable data such as square footage, roof features, pitch, surface area, volumetric readings, slope and more.

Drone Dispatch aids in Hurricane Irma
The drones provided by Drone Dispatch were often able to see damage to the customers’ house before they had even returned home, since many people left the state for safety purposes before the storm hit. It also removes some of the burden from homeowners that would have trouble reaching their roof to document the damage themselves.
Grafton Robinson
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Drones for Insurance

Drone inspections cost less, happen faster and are safer than traditional roof inspections. Drone Dispatch inspections can be easily integrated within your current workflow and reports to save you time and increase efficiency. Stay off ladders and settle claims faster.