• TV & Film

    Put a drone on your tool belt. Utilize a drone to capture unique and dynamic shots that allow directors and producers to be creatively liberated. Our experienced operators are also proficient at gathering requested media with autonomy.

  • Real Estate

    Separate yourself in a competitive marketplace by utilizing drones to gather high definition aerial photos and video as well as professionally produced marketing videos.

  • Experimental Marketing

    Utilize cutting edge drone technology to help send an impactful message at your next event or activation. Gather never before attainable media to take your creative productions to the next level. Be creative, we are always exploring exciting new ways to utilize drones.

  • Full Production

    Engage with us to bring your creative vision to life. We provide turn key full production solutions. We work closely with you to ensure our finished product helps you send the message you want to send.


Drone Dispatch offers a unique service offering for events and activations called a Dronie Booth.

The Dronie Booth is a modern take on a selfie. A dronie is a short video clip of a drone pulling up and away from a person, exposing their surroundings in a climactic reveal.

Click below to view example dronies and to read more.


The Drone Dispatch pilot network is comprised of professional drone pilots from a colorful set of backgrounds ranging from the creative and media industries to covert and military operations. Click below to learn more about our pilot network.

Featured Examples

Our operations have taken us from sea to shining sea. To view some of our team’s favorite examples of our work, click below.

Creative Drone Services